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Denmark generates 140% of energy from wind power

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On July 09, 2015, Denmark reached a renewable energy milestone by becoming the first country to generate 140% of its energy needs with wind power. According to The Guardian, the surplus energy was redistributed to neighboring Germany, Norway, and Sweden. The country is known for being a pioneer of wind energy technology with a long history of manufacturers such as Vestas and Siemens Wind Power.

This gives us a glimpse into the not-so-distant future and the role wind power generators will undoubtedly play as a primary source of energy. It’s certainly a giant leap forward in the race toward a green, sustainable future.

Denmark’s energy target for 2020 is to produce 50% of the country’s electricity from wind power, a feat achievable only with strong government support.

Some information on the Danish electrical grid

According to the Danish Transmission System Operator (TSO),the national grid is divided into different voltage levels:

  • The overall electricity transmission grid at the highest voltage level, 400 kilovolt (kV). This grid connects the large-scale power stations in Denmark and abroad to each other and to the electricity grid at lower voltage level.
  • The regional electricity transmission grid is 132 kVeast of the Great Belt and 150 kV west of the Great Belt. This electric grid connects the overall transmission grid to the distribution grid. It is normally also at this voltage level that the large-scale offshore wind farms are connected. However, Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is connected to the electrical grid with a 220 kV cable.

Some interesting Danish companies in the Wind Energy Industry

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