DESMI Automation has its eye on energy efficiencies

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Industrial pump and energy optimisation provider DESMI aims to be the go-to source for customers and companies that hope to solve energy optimisation problems smarter and more cost-effectively via automation.

It’s hard not to be caught up in the enthusiasm of Brian Enevoldsen when he says: “We’re just scratching the surface of what automation technologies can do to help create a more sustainable, more energy-efficient world.”

The usually down-to-earth Dane has recently been put in charge of an increasingly important business area at DESMI, a company best known for its high-quality industrial pumps and which serves both land-based and maritime markets around the globe.

DESMI Automation, as Brian Enevoldsen’s division is matter-of-factly called, focuses on providing specialised automation services across all of the company’s business areas. It’s a division that is rapidly emerging as a key offering in DESMI’s broad portfolio – with the potential to extend far beyond traditional pumping applications.

On a sustainable roll
“DESMI is expanding with our markets,” says Brian Enevoldsen. “And we can see that our solid track record in automation is likely to be a key driver in this growth in the years to come.”

Much of the growth he describes is being driven by high-priority customer needs for new cost-efficiencies and competitive advantages, as well as steadily increasing pressure on shipping, offshore and industrial companies for a greener, more sustainable profile. And automation is stepping in to help them meet such challenges.

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