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Development of a tribological failure knowledge model

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Many of the component failures occurring in service can be delayed by better incorporation of tribological principles into engineering design and maintenance. However, the concept of tribology has not yet penetrated successfully into the industry in general and there is an urgent need for the practical tribology design criteria and transference of tribological knowledge to the engineering designer and maintenance engineer. Knowledge based system offers great potential for effecting tribological knowledge transfer and promoting improved design practice and maintenance strategy. In this present work, the development and implementation of a tribological failure knowledge model (KM) for steam power plant equipment is reported. This failure KM assists the maintenance engineer and design engineer for evolution of an effective maintenance strategy and better, reliable, safe and productive design. The KM has been implemented using Protege 3.0 Beta, JDK 1.4 and Java Swing Package. The model is applied to steam turbine failure in a power plant application.

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