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Development of optimum solar irradiation energy model for Iran

In this article, an optimal model for calculating the total solar irradiation is represented for Iran. Eight irradiation models are analysed based on the meteorology information of 22 synoptic stations. Afterwards, accuracy of these methods is compared using standard error criteria. Hence, Daneshyar and Modified Daneshyar are introduced as the most precise methods. Then, a new coefficient is added to Daneshyar model and Niroo Research Institute (NRI) model is presented. Ultimately, errors of NRI method are compared with other methods and it is observed that regarding all types of errors, NRI model has the most conformity with experimental data.

Keywords: cloud factor, diffused radiation, direct radiation, error analysis, Iran, irradiation modelling, meteorological data, optimum, solar energy, solar power, total radiation, total solar irradiation, Iran

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