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Development trends in the Estonian energy sector at transition

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1994 can be considered as the first year of the transition period in the Estonian energy sector when Estonia signed the Energy Charter and recognised European energy cooperation principles. The process in the energy sector reached its peak in 1998 when the Energy Act was enforced and the Estonian Parliament approved the Long-Term National Development Plan for the Fuel and Energy Sector. Reaching the goals in the development plan to the year 2005 must encourage Estonia to be fully prepared for joining the European Union. An overview of the development trends in the Estonian energy sector is given and the principal energy policy measures required for reaching the goals are described in the article. Thereby attention is especially focused on analysing the legislative process in the Estonian energy sector and the potential for improving efficiency in energy generation, energy conservation and mitigation of environmental impact from the energy sector.

Keywords: energy strategy, energy policy, energy generation efficiency and energy conservation, environment, Estonia

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