Diesel dispersion is the most demanded light oil products today


Diesel dispersion is the viscous, hardly evaporated combustible liquid received from oil kerosene-gasoil fractions, by their distillation. It is applied generally, as fuel for trucks, cars, railway transport, a water transport, and also agricultural machinery. All scope of diesel fuel usage is very wide. Diesel dispersion is one of the most demanded light oil products today. This fuel is intended for high-speed diesel and gas-turbine engines. Conditions of blend creation and fuel ignition in diesels differ from petrol engines. Advantage of diesel fuel is efficiency over petrol engines by 25-30% lower. Diesel fuel has many so much advantages, but the most important is environmental friendliness. In comparison with other types of fuel environmental friendliness of diesel fuel is very great, which provides a huge benefit as in diesel fuel there are various additives and biofuel content allow to reduce sulfur exhaust.

For diesel dispersion quality production the great value has the correct approach to stages of technological process. At primary oil processing oil divide into fractions, various on the properties and physical and chemical indicators. All this process represents heating of crude oil. During the heating components are breaks for layers. Each fraction is applied for production of a certain type of fuel. During secondary processing there is a clarification of the received oil fuel fractions. Thanks to the second stage unnecessary impurities are removed, the hydrocarbon structure is processed. Process of secondary processing includes destruction of large connections of black oil molecules on smaller. This effect is reached in three ways. The first way is disintegration which occurs in the form of thermo reaction. The second is catalytic, by use of the chemical accelerator of reaction. The last is hydro cracking, occurs with participation in process of hydrogen molecules splitting.

The last moment of secondary processing is clarification of fuel weight from sulfur impurity, for improvement of diesel fuel properties. There is a Diesel Fuel Cleaning system for such operations. Mixing received at the first stage initially cleared fuel fractions with result of secondary chemical additives and processing in a necessary proportion is carried out. Besides this process is very important that initial fuel on the molecular level accepted components which enter into it. Such effect can be gained by hydrodynamic cavitator which is used in diesel blending systems. Correct proportion and method of mixing allows to change the properties shown by diesel fuel therefore, it is possible to make summer or winter diesel fuel. Also with carrying out of mixing it is possible to reach the allowed content of sulfur in fuel as it extremely negatively influences on environment.

The GlobeCore blending company is intended in production of diesel compounding installations with various additives. Basic purpose of such installations is intensification of dispergating, homogenization and emulsification processes which in the end result after processing form the steady fine mix. The received product has resistance to a long uniform period of storage and is steady against stratification.

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