Difference between Frequency and high-frequency forklift


First, the difference between the high frequency and power frequency

Workers Electric Reach Truck charger power devices operating in the linear state, which means he used up the power device is always at work, and therefore would result in low efficiency of his work, generally in the range of 50% to 60%, have to say he is good linear power. Linear power supply works, so that he must change from the high-pressure low pressure will pressure device are transformers, also like the KX power after the rectifier output DC voltage. As a result of his volume also great, bulky, low efficiency, heat is also large. He also has his advantages: small ripple, regulation, foreign interference. Suitable for use with analog circuits, various types of amplifiers.

High frequency forklift charging machine, his power devices operate as switches (opening and closing, opening and closing, the frequency is very fast, generally flat frequency switching power supply in 100 ~~ 200KHz module power at 500khz 300 ~~). Such his loss is small, the efficiency is high, the transformer has also been requested to do the use of high magnetic permeability material. A little ink, the transformer is a word. Efficiency of 80% to 90% up to 99% said that the best VICOR module switching power supply high efficiency, small size, and a linear power supply ripple than he voltage and current regulation there are discounts.

Second, the use of power

Commonly used power points using the linear-frequency transformer (core, 50Hz) power and the use of  Electric Stacker (core, a few thousand Hz) switching power supply into two categories.

Switching power supply principle is: the first low-voltage DC power frequency (50Hz) AC is converted to a high-frequency current, and then through the high-frequency transformer into a low pressure through the rectifier output. Due to the volume of the high-frequency transformer(Transpaleta Eléctrica) of the same power than the frequency the higher the frequency of the small multi-----, the smaller the size, so you can do power, small size, light weight, which is widely used. His main regulator is achieved by controlling the oscillation frequency, precisely because of the switching power supply shield to do bad case for charging is easy to launch harmonic interference lost regulator performance, leading to voltage fluctuations, or the frequency of mutation because of its high-frequency interference. Meanwhile, the switching power supply protection circuit to do bad, in the event of a failure, the voltage may suddenly rise and burned the battery. So right, linear power supply should be there is some room for development.

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