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Diffusion of solar cookers in Africa: status and prospects


Modern solar cooking, claimed to be originated in Africa, is still an underutilised cooking method while remaining a potential solution to reduce deforestation, social, and health problems. This study has made use of pertinent literature review to explore factors influencing the development and diffusion of solar cookers in Africa. Furthermore, a case study on the adoption of solar cookers in Ethiopia was conducted. The study mapped out technical, actor-network-related, and institutional factors that hampered the adoption of solar cookers in the continent. The case study justifies most of the claims in the literature review. Innovation system framework was employed as a focusing device for the analysis. Moreover, potential solutions for faster adoption of solar cookers including looking for new change agents and innovation package adoption strategy are proposed. Along with forwarding policy recommendations, further research areas are also indicated at the end.

Keywords: Africa, Ethiopia, diffusion, energy, innovation system, solar cooker

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