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Disposal of saline wastewater from electrical power plants

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Saline wastewater from a coal-fired Utah Power Plant has been applied in central Utah, USA, since 1987, to irrigate various agricultural crops. The primary goals of this research: to dispose of saline wastewater by maximising actual evapotranspiration (ETa) and to prevent contamination of surface and groundwater by eliminating runoff and throughout the years (1987-2005). Plots were established where the effects of irrigation on water and salt budgets and crop yield could be carefully monitored. Results indicate that yield and ETa are likely to decrease only slightly for the coming years if saline wastewater is used for irrigation.

Keywords: BREB, Bowen ratio-energy balance, saline wastewater, power plants, evapotranspiration, chemical assessment model, environment systems, water pollution, irrigation, coal-fired power stations, crop yield

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