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Dongjin Large Series Battery

Dongjin 2V series are valve-regulated, non-spillable types constructed with an absorbent glass mat (AGM ) with pasted flat lead-calcium alloy plates. They are designed to provide long, reliable service life without maintenance. The very large batteries are all of 2V voltage and the capacity is from 50AH to 3000AH.

Advantage and features of Dongjin 2V Large Series Battery

Sealed and maintenance free operation.

Non-Spillable construction design.

ABS Containers and Covers (UL94HB), UL94V-0 optional.

Safety valve installation for explosion proof.

High quality and high reliability.

Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance.

Low self discharge characteristic.

Flexibility design for multiple install positions.


The Applications of 2V Large Series Battery

Off-grid electrical systems such as solar, wind, and mini hydroelectric systems

Street Lighting

Water pumping system

Portable power supply

Small town power system

Control systems, Electric toys, Emergency lamp, Power tools

Medical treatment equipment, Alarm system, Emergency light system

Standby power supply, UPS and computer standby power supply

Telecommunication system, Firefighting equipment standby power supply, Railway station

Ship Equipment, Military Equipment

Telephone switching system


Founded in 1993, Dongjin Group is a china battery factory in Bangladesh which wins an absolute share of the battery market. And the factory is devoted to provide dong jing battery 12v 5ah. If you want to know more details or want a quotation, just feel free to contact us!