Double wall underduct installed at transit operations facility (FRP)


Courtesy of Monoxivent

Application Spotlight Location:
Transit Operation Facility, Raleigh, NC
(LR Gorrell - Monoxivent Sales Representative)

UnderDuct Details:
Double Wall UnderDuct, 28' down to 12' diameter duct
The Transit Operations Center consists of a 27,400-square-foot, two-story operations administration building; a single-story bus maintenance facility of 56,000 square feet; a 7,500-square-foot bus wash building; and a two-lane fueling depot building. The project also includes a bus shelter on Poole Road for CAT (Capital Area Transit) riders. The transit operations center will accommodate 125 buses, with the ability for expansion to 200 buses.

The double wall duct provides the most efficient method for transferring the heating and cooling throughout the facility.  The double wall duct is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Goals and Objectives:
Replace 30+ year old facility with a new state of the art, environmentally sustainable facility to serve the City's transit system.

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