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Dutch company SunSolutions becomes eSight reseller within the Netherlands


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SunSolutions is a rapidly expanding independent energy consultancy based in the Netherlands. They not only resell eSight to other Dutch customers but also use it to manage energy for clients themselves. Most recently, SunSolutions have used eSight for projects with I.F Technology and Essent – the largest energy supplier in Holland.

The Requirement

SunSolutions, an independent energy consultancy based in the Netherlands, provides clients with energy saving solutions. These include hardware, software and consultancy services, all targeted towards energy saving for clients.

Before selecting a system, SunSolutions had a number of requirements which needed to be fulfilled:

  • A system which would be able to intake data from several hundred meters with minimal manual input.
  • A system with an established database with a robust architecture. This would enable SunSolutions to continually import data for their clients without concern over system stability.
  • A solution which was web-based enabling SunSolutions to access remote customer data, should a client raise a support call.
  • A software suite with e-mail functionality: Having worked with a variety of M&T (Monitoring and Targeting) systems for over 10 years, it had often been observed that the responsibility of energy management was held by one person. This has proved to be problematic as all information was held by a single person. By choosing a system that schedules automatic e-mails, more people would be actively involved with the management of energy data.

The Solution

SunSolutions purchased eSight for two main purposes; to manage their client’s data and to resell to other customers across the Netherlands.

eSight’s web-based architecture enables SunSolutions to access their client’s data from any PC with Internet Explorer. This ensures that SunSolutions maintains control over the system and their client’s information.

SunSolutions manages energy across hundreds of customer sites across the Netherlands. eSight’s robust database enables the mass import of data from thousands of meters from multiple locations, all at the click of a button.

As eSight Express is also available in Dutch, SunSolutions were able to purchase a system which was ready translated.

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