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Earthy, solaris and atmospheric energy sources

Earth, sun and atmosphere are the ultimate energy resources. In addition to fossil fuels, earth radiates over 45 TW geothermal energy. Sun radiates about 89 PW energy to earth's surface. Lunar gravity supplies over 100 GW tidal ocean energy. Accessible energy from geothermal, solar, tides, waves and winds is far more than our current 17 TW energy demand, yet there are new avenues like tornadoes and lightning energies. We have to harness storms to serve humanity rather than destroying it. Fossil fuels and uranium reserves will continue to exist beyond 21st century, yet energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is necessary to fight against looming climate changes.

Keywords: renewable energy, fossil fuels, solar energy, solar power, atmospheric electricity, geothermal energy, tidal energy, wave energy, wave power, wind energy, wind power, tornadoes, lightning, storms, climate change

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