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Eco House, Lanarkshire


Courtesy of Gaia-Wind Ltd.

A Gaia-Wind turbine is the principal wind energy source in this eco house in Scotland. The house is all electric, consuming 50% of produced energy, and offsets 16 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Average annual energy production: 28,000 kWh

Mr Taylor is an architect by profession. He designed his own eco house incorporating a Gaia-Wind turbine as the principal wind energy source. The house is all electric. The under floor heating and hot water are supplied by an electric combi boiler which has a 310 litre thermal store. The house itself is insulated to a high standard and includes a ventilation heat recovery system. The site includes a garage with an office above and has a 3-phase grid connection.

Site conditions
The wind speed databases indicate that this is a god moderate wind speed area, estimating an annual average wind speed of circa 6.4m/s at the turbine hub height of 18m. The surrounding countryside is predominantly open farmland with a few lines of trees along the field edges.

The turbine is positioned roughly 60m west of the house and has good aspects to the prevailing southwest winds. For other directions though the house and a few lines of trees compromise the wind quality and subsequent turbine production.

Turbine performance
The turbine produced circa 28,000 kWh units of green electricity during its first year of operation, averaging 77 kWh/day, and offsetting circa 16 tonnes of CO2 production. The house and office consume 14,000 units annually so a substantial amount is exported. Mr Taylor is also registered with Ofgem for Carbon Credits (ROCs). The overall result if that together the house and turbine generate a net income.

'Compatible with what I am doing in the house, I am able to be totally free of oil and gas. Together the house and turbine earn me money.'

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