Effects of Solar Energy On Wildlife

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In America’s southwest, the high potential for harnessing the solar energy as a renewable source is exponentially large. In addition, in the southwest the numbers of endangered species of birds and mammals is also large. What will the impact be on these birds and animals, as renewable energy sources are operating?

How can Solar Energy be Detrimental to Wildlife?

Studies performed on the wildlife around the area of a renewable energy source facility, like a solar power plant.  Naturally, any impact on the environment is not going to be ideal for the animals living around or above the facilities, but it is the best option in front of us presently.  Building the roads to get the cement trucks to the site of the facility puts wildlife in danger. The constant noise the pumps and generators radiate upsets wildlife’s internal breeding clocks and can lead to extinction of some species.

Dangerous Heat Variations Effect Young Animals  Negatively  

Modifications to the land negatively affect wildlife, no matter how minor. An impact on the wildlife depending on the landscape it survives on directly affects humans as well. The area around a solar facility is hotter and this rise of temperature has an effect on the wildlife in the area. Depending on the weather keeping their eggs or young at a natural incubation temperature, is essential in determining if the offspring will be male or female. Excess heat blowing from fans, keeping the panels cool changes the outcome of those species relying upon consistent temperatures.

Simply because a renewable energy source, like solar, is considered low impact on the environment does not make it so. It may be cheaper to operate than the other sources, but it still contributes to the fatality of some species of wildlife.

What is a Good Site for the Renewable Energy Sources Facilities?

Imposing a facility like a solar farm on a pristine, unused site is harmful to the circle of life, beginning with the harm done to the creatures living there. One proposed solution is to build the facilities on already spoiled land, such as; old mining grounds, overgrazed pastures, and deserted crop fields.

An optimal choice for supplying people with a renewable energy source is to promote innovations through environmentally safe planning. Planning and designing the facilities with our delicate ecosystems in mind, and implementing useful sources of renewable energy sources in a sustainable manner. 

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