Efficient EHIDLighting - case study


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  • Spectacular white light
  • Energy savings of 30% to 60%
  • Doubled lamp life
  • Reduced carbon footprint

ENERáG’s proven lighting technology combines the spectacular white light of Metal Halide lamps with full controllability, providing dramatic energy and maintenance savings, and ensuring a quick return on investment.

eHID Lighting – the natural choice for large areas

ENERáG’s eHID lighting technology delivers more light, yet reduces electricity consumption and emissions, and slashes maintenance costs.

Over 800,000 eHID electronic ballasts are in use worldwide, saving more than 40% in lighting bills. The natural solution for warehousing, industrial, cold storage, retail, and commercial buildings, eHID from ENERáG gives the light you need without the drawbacks of fluorescent systems, whilst saving 30% to 60% energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Remote internet monitoring and control ENERáG’s eHID ballast permits two-way networked communication to a central controller. Sophisticated, user-friendly software offers optimal calibration of lighting according to your specific needs.

  • Internet connectivity to our Virtual Energy Manager provides the user with remote PC-based control, for greater savings and flexibility
  • Define schedules for dimming or switching groups of lamps
  • Warns when lamp replacement is needed, for planned maintenance scheduling

ENERáG’s own production facility’s existing lighting comprised standard 250W metal halide lamps. Light levels had fallen to 200 lux on average, whilst the load remained 285W per unit. The lighting was refurbished with eHID technology, tuned to provide 300 lux from White metal halide lamps.

This was obtained at a load of 220W per unit, representing a 50% improvement in light levels with an energy saving of 23%. Light levels will be maintained throughout the 20,000 hour life of the new lamps. Converted to eHID with White lamps, these now provide a constant working light level by dimming in response to natural light, using only 200W required after dark to provide the necessary light level of 300 lux.

Auto dimming and time control can be programmed individually and/or in groups to further increase the savings. Contact us for a detailed technical report.

Tell ENERáG about your lighting system. We will consider your options and carry out a full design study. Our proposal will specify the savings potential of eHID, for an agreed lighting level.

About ENER-G

ENERáG provides customers with a variety of technologies ranging from the generation of energy to the management of energy use, delivering sustainable energy solutions and technologies on a business-to-business basis worldwide. Established in Salford, Greater Manchester, in the 1980s, the company offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all commercial and industrial energy requirements, from the efficient generation of energy to the equally efficient control of consumption.

It offers energy efficiency solutions from combined heat and power (CHP) and biogas generation to efficient lighting, heat pumps and controls, through energy management services, like energy procurement and consultancy services to Energy from Waste solution.

ENERáG is 100% dedicated to the development of its products and markets, and over the years has seen rapid growth, both organically and through acquisition to achieve a strong global presence within the energy industry. Currently ENERáG operates in the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, Mexico and South Africa and the company has partners across the globe.

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