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Energetic and exergetic performance evaluation of improved biomass cookstoves

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This paper deals with thermal and exergy efficiencies of single–pot and double–pot improved cookstoves. These cookstoves are essentially made of cement and bricks and have at least five years of useful life. The cookstoves were tested with Acacia nilotica wood. Thermal and exergy efficiencies of the single–pot improved cookstove were estimated at 20.36%, and 8.10%, respectively, whereas for the double–pot improved cookstove, these figures were estimated at 23.45%, and 10.52%, respectively. A single–pot and double–pot cookstove can save about 928 kg, and 1050 kg of fuel wood per annum, respectively. Carbon emission of a single–pot cookstove is reduced by about 1476 (kg) and of a double–pot cookstove by about 1670 kg per annum.

Keywords: biomass cookstoves, exergy efficiency, single–pot stoves, double–pot stoves, thermal efficiency, cooking stoves, India, energy efficiency, exergy efficiency, performance evaluation, carbon emissions, CO2, carbon dioxide, air pollution

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