Energy and Tires


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Energy consumption is known to be one of the main operational expenses that cement factories have to meet to carry out the production cycle of concrete. The process leading to the development of clinker from raw materials is a special baking made with appropriate kilns that work 24 hours a day.

After extraction, grinding and homogenization, the raw materials mixture is fed in the kiln, where, by heating up to 1.400-1.500 °C, clinker is generated. Forecasting the energy consumption of a cement factory is not easy, as it is influenced by many factors. As a general rule, we can assert that the type of process and the raw materials resistance to baking are determining elements. The table sums up the data concerning the energy demand at the various steps. Though these are approximate figures, the data shown can be very useful to better understand the single stages of the process and to judge their effect on the total amount of operational expenses.

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