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Energy efficiency and savings in the Russian Federation

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The low renovation rate of technological equipment and extreme economic crisis over the last ten years in Russia has led to the formation of great energy conservation potential. Over the last decade, the energy intensity of industrial production has increased by 1.5; energy conservation potential is estimated as 30% of energy consumption. The article contains information about energy consumption and energy efficiency in Russia over recent years (1990-1998), the theoretical potential for energy savings in the main branches of the economy and the kind of energy saved and forecast options for using this potential up to the year 2010 for some variants of energy conservation policies in the Russian Federation. The article shows that even if the current low fuel prices remain, about 150 mln.tce of fuel may be saved by means of appropriate energy saving organisation with a four to five year payback period.

Keywords: energy intensity, energy saving, energy efficiency, energy conservation potential, energy saving cost, energy saving policy, energy conservation program

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