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Energy efficiency policy in Slovenia

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Slovenia set up its own energy efficiency policy in the Strategy of Energy Use and Supply of Slovenia, adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia in early 1996. Energy efficiency policy in Slovenia is in harmony with the European Commission's policy concerning the promotion of energy efficiency. The new Energy Act, adopted in September 1999, defines energy efficiency as equally important as energy supply. A number of programs are well developed and have been accepted well by energy consumers. Ongoing activities are undertaken within the framework of the following programs: awareness-raising, information and education, the ENSVET energy advisory network, energy advice for large energy consumers to improve energy management and to activate internal potentials for energy efficiency, a subsidy scheme for energy audits, a subsidy scheme for local energy concepts, a subsidy scheme for the preparation of energy efficiency investment projects, financial incentives for small energy efficiency measures in households and income tax exemption for the cost of purchasing energy-efficient household appliances. By establishing an Energy Saving Fund, we set up the whole supporting mechanism for the active realisation of energy efficiency goals. With programs supported only from the national budget, we have been unable to reach our ambitious goal. Other actors should be included to a greater extent. For this reason, Demand Side Management will be introduced in Slovenia utility companies. The PHARE-supported project is already underway. Third Party Financing or Performance Contracting should play an important role, mainly in the public sector. The project is ongoing and is provided by the German Government through the TRANSFORM program.

Keywords: energy efficiency policy, awareness raising, energy advising, energy audit, local energy concepts, revolving fund, demand side management, third party financing, PHARE programs, Slovenia

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