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Energy-efficient options: techno-economic potential for mitigating GHG emissions

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This paper discusses the techno-economic potential of various energy-efficient options for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions for a period of 20 years, i.e. 1996-2015. For each option, the peak demand reduction, the energy savings and the costs of installing the options are estimated in various sectors, viz., industrial, residential, agricultural and commercial, in India. These options have been assessed from three perspectives: utility, customer, and society. The results show that, by the year 2015, peak demand will be reduced by 24 771 MW and the cumulative energy savings will be about 912 639 GWh. These savings can be achieved with an estimated cost of 117 billion rupees. Implementation of energy-efficient options helps to reduce pollution over the baseline. By 2015, CO2 emissions associated with power generation in thermal plants will be reduced by 809 million tonnes.

Keywords: capital cost, demand saving, emissions reduction, energy efficiency, GHG emissions, greenhouse gases, India, energy savings, CO2 emissions, carbon dioxide, carbon emissions, power generation

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