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Energy efficient scheme for DC motor drives in parameter uncertainties

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In conventional way of cost effective and easy to implement energy efficient scheme for DC motor drives, load perturbations are only taken into account. But, in real industrial applications the moment of inertia, friction coefficient, armature resistance and armature inductance vary as the operating conditions of the plant change. These parameter uncertainties have immense adverse effects on the system in practical applications with light loads, and load disturbance conditions. The proposed H∞ control–based approach ensures energy efficient operation of DC motor drives along with simultaneous robustness in multiple parameter uncertainties. This result in a profitable robust energy efficient approach of DC motor drive operation which can be used in real time industrial applications as robust and efficient operation ensures less overhead and in turn less overall costs. The success of the approach is demonstrated through results which confirm the system is stable and efficient even in multiple parameter uncertainties and load perturbations.

Keywords: energy efficient drives, machines, motor control, robust control, control system design, energy efficiency, DC motor drives, parameter uncertainties, inertia, friction coefficient, armature resistance, armature inductance, light loads, load disturbances, H–infinity control, load perturbations

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