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Energy from biogas


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From an ecological and economical perspective, biogas is an important source of energy. The fossil resources are limited, and they impose a high burden on the environment. A resourceconserving alternative made from biomass poses a different scenario. The raw material is renewable, and conversion only releases as much CO2 as was previously contained by the source material. With the technological progress made in recent years, high energy effi ciency and lowmaintenance operation have made investment into biogas facilities more and more attractive. Accordingly, an attractive business opportunity has been created, one that is setting new standards in matters of sustainability and effi ciency.

So why biogas? What does it offer?

  • The provision of electricity at guaranteed rates
  • A lasting heat source at constant costs
  • Constant energy costs for the agricultural business
  • Increased fertilizing efficiency of fermented liquid manure
  • Significantly reduced odor emissions of fermented liquid manure
  • Decentralized, efficient energy production
  • Storability, which allows biogas to be used for the lucrative peak load coverage

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