Energy Institute to deliver guidance for bulk liquid storage


Courtesy of Energy Institute (EI)

The El will be presenting newly published guidance on how to deliver improvements to secondary containment for above-ground storage tanks, and how to evaluate the need for and conceptual design of tertiary containment systems, to meet the requirements of the COMAH Competent Authority Containment Policy. Dr Mark Scanlon, Technical Team Manager - HSE, will be speaking at the Tank Storage Association's conference for the bulk liquid storage sector in Coventry on 19 September 2013.

This key event will provide a platform for all those who work in fuels, chemicals, edible oils and fats storage industries. The pro¬gramme features presentations from the COMAH Competent Authority and industry experts on topics relevant to all those operating and maintaining bulk liquid storage terminals, including process safety management and delivering policy requirements.

The El presentation is based on tech¬nical development work carried out within its technical work programme.
The new publications were developed under the technical direction of the Containment Systems Working Group, which is a sub-committee of the Process Safety Committee.

The El addresses the depth and breadth of energy, including down¬stream hydrocarbons, to promote the safe, environmentally responsible and efficient supply and use of energy in all its forms and applications. Its technical work programme is funded by its Technical Partners and co-funded by its Technical Company Members - in this case, project-specific contributions were made by the Tank Storage Association and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

The El technical work programme provides cost-effective, value-adding knowledge on key current and future issues that affect those operating in the global energy sector.

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