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Energy Management & Investor Returns: The Real Estate Sector

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Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, a financial research firm based in New York, London and Toronto, analyzed relative energy efficiency and energy management performance in the real estate sector. The study found that leaders in energy management achieved superior stock market and financial performance over the past two years. Company-specific energy consumption data are usually not available in this sector (in general, only the most proactive companies disclose it in an effort to enhance stakeholder relations). To analyze performance in the absence of data, Innovest developed a comprehensive rating model comprised of over 25 quantitative and qualitative metrics. Appendix A describes the methodology used for selecting and rating companies.  Of the twelve companies analyzed in this report, Figure 1 shows that the six companies with above average energy management performance, taken as a group, outperformed the below average companies over the past two years by over 3,400 basis points (thirty four percentage points) in the stock market.
(This summary report does not include company-specific ratings and analysis. The full report, which includes this information, is available from Innovest)

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