Energy Modeling “The Magical Tool”– But Reality is Different


A lot is talked about energy modeling as a magical tool that helps you cut down the utility bills and build a highly energy efficient building. ‘Sustainability’ is highly fashionable today, and energy modeling is considered to be the Holy Grail. On the other hand there is also a section in the industry who considers energy modeling as highly inaccurate.

There are also several examples where so called sustainable or energy efficient buildings actually turn into energy guzzlers during their lifecycle. Often, when projects fail fingers are pointed towards the software and energy modeling tools. However; software is merely an aid, it is not a magical wand, which when waved transforms a building into green, energy efficient and sustainable design.    

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Why do sustainability initiatives via energy modeling, for newly built and retrofit buildings fail?

Let’s stop blaming the software. The bitter truth is that most of the time, it is the lack of talent, and translates into a project not achieving its goals. Energy modeling is a faculty that demands an expert to have a great combination knowledge and knowhow. It is important that an expert understands how a building is constructed, has a thorough knowledge of the building envelop, HVAC systems, acoustics, and the related technicalities.

Additionally it is also vital for energy modeling expert to know exactly how and which software tools or a combination of tools to use for creating detailed simulations, analyzing them and further devising the best energy efficiency solutions. If not, there can be different experts in a team who work in coordination and combine their capabilities for the best results. 

  • The problem:

The problem with this type of solution is that it is very difficult to find, engage and retain experts. Moreover it is also a costly proposition for building developers and construction companies to invest in a team of energy modeling experts. 

  • The solution:

The very apparent solution to this problem for builders and AEC firms is to outsource energy modeling services. For an Energy modeling service provider, energy modeling is not a onetime activity, it is an ongoing process undertaken for various clients. As a result, it is not difficult to invest in the software, other resources and skilled manpower. 

Dealing with Missing Pieces and Project Delays: 

Rapid energy modeling for existing buildings and new built structures can be a complicated process. Especially when modeling for retrofits, a small missing piece of information can cause a lot of problems and put the project on hold. 

Now in such situations, if the team is experienced enough, and consists of experts who can make accurate engineering assumptions and take the project further, it helps organization saves a great deal of money and also complete the project on time. When the actual data/ information of the missing sections arrive it can be cross checked and the required, (barely minimal) changes can be made.  

Hi-Tech CADD Services has expert and experienced team of energy modelers and building design experts, to develop energy efficiency solutions for a building. The company is equipped with the best resources and the most versatile tools, for energy modeling and analysis. 

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