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Energy options survey - on a local Abbey


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Encraft carried out an energy options survey on a number of Grade II listed buildings. Recommendations were made that would give the site savings of over £2,000. Care was taken to make recommendations that would meet the energy and heating demand while minimising the visual impact on the buildings.

With a requirement for independent advice Father Philip engaged Encraft to carry out an energy options report on the Church, Gatehouse, Refectory and Vicarage at Polesworth Abbey in Warwickshire. The report was required to outline the energy efficiency options for the 20 year conservation management plan for the site.

An Encraft engineer carried out a site survey to look at the existing energy systems in the buildings and consider building development plans. A report was then produced outlining energy options that if implemented will give the site savings of over £2,000 per year. Suggestions included the installation of a CHP unit to provide the hot water demand and a gas boiler to provide the heating demand, this would have a payback period 10 years

The recommendations also included the installation of secondary glazing, internal insulation and roof insulation; all meeting the requirements of the local conservation officer.

As the site is Grade II listed there were limitations on the renewable energy options on the site. A solar PV system was proposed for the Church and designed in such a way as to minimise its visual impact, this also would have a payback period of 10 years.

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