Enisei oil production facility


Courtesy of Camco Clean Energy Company

Capitalizing on previously flared gas

Oil production is a well established industry in Russia. Enisei Ltd is an oil business situated in the town of Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia. The company’s core business is oil production at the oil field located 60 km North of Usinsk.

Full utilization of APG is not a widely spread practice in Russia. In general, complete utilization of high-pressure APG takes place only if there is a developed APG processing infrastructure. Such infrastructure is not available to all Russian oil producing companies. However, even if there is APG processing infrastructure low-pressure gas is still fed for flaring in most cases.

The Enisei’s project is aimed at the utilization of low-pressure APG and the discontinuation of its flaring based on the construction of a vapor recovery unit (VRU). Low-pressure APG will be fed through the VRU after the end oil separator of the central processing facility. The unit will produce dry gas and gas condensation that will replace more carbon intensive fuels in the market.

Results of the project are expected to deliver a reduction of APG flaring up to 13.5 million m3 per year, the output of useful products is estimated to increase up to 13 million m3 of dry gas per year and about 1 000 tonnes of gas condensate per year. The project will result in decreased emissions of greenhouse gases and dramatic improvement of the ecological environment in the oil field area.

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