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Entropy-energy analysis of porous stack: steady state conjugate problem

We have performed analytical and limited numerical analyses for fully developed forced convection and entropy generation in a fluid-saturated porous medium channel bounded by two parallel plates of finite thickness. The full problem is treated as a conjugate heat transfer problem. The Darcy-Brinkman momentum equation is used to model the flow through the porous media. The outer surfaces of the solid walls are treated as isothermal. Inside the solid wall, a temperature dependent volumetric heat generation is considered. Analytical expression for entropy generation rate, heat transfer irreversibility, and energy flux density are obtained after simplifying and solving the governing differential equations with reasonable approximations. Finally, results obtained by analytical approximations are verified by subsequent numerical calculations.

Keywords: conjugate heat transfer problem, Darcy number, energy flux density, entropy, flow modelling, porous media, volumetric heat generation, porous stack, entropy-energy analysis, exergy, conduction, laminar convection, ducts

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