Environmental Issue of Solar Energy

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In today’s modernized society, demands of the usage of energy are increasing due to the uprising development of new inventions and technologies that requires electricity. Energy consumption is increasing also due to the growth of the population. Right now, as people have developed solar energy as one of the main alternatives for the shortage of power and views it as a solution to this problem, more and more issues also are constantly coming out of nowhere with regards to environment. As many people have enjoyed the benefits that it offers right now, we can’t really deny the fact that along with this advantages such as the convenience that it brings are the environmental issues. Does solar energy really have environmental issues?

Yes it does. Even if we say that it is already proven that solar energy is environmental friendly, still there are some exemption with this. Such example is the chemicals which are being used during the manufacturing process of solar cells and their batteries. These chemicals can affect the nature of course. Another is that if the installment of the solar cell is not properly done, there will be less heat coming from the sunlight received by the plants and animals in an area near or where in solar panels are installed. 

We can also include the large solar arrays or plants which were built in CA. This has an impact also to the wildlife presently living on land unless; we can convince the people to lessen their electricity usage or electric consumption. Then it would be better. Another typical example wherein an environmental issue of the installment of the solar is that if solar energy is used at night, solar batteries are present and talking about solar batteries, if it is not disposed properly, it will have a great and destructive effect on the environment and as well as on the people living near to it. And also, if ever the installment of solar panel fails, do we have a safe place for its disposal?

It is very clear that in every development whether it brings advantage or disadvantage, we must not forget that everything in this world has its own lapses and limitations. I can say this because we all know that people who develop it were not perfect so how much more in terms of their developments? What can we expect?


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