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Environmentally Sustainable Design Building in York - Biomass Boiler case study


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This is an architectural practice that specialises in environmentally sustainable design for existing and new build projects.
The practice is run by the husband and wife team of Sally and Chris Walker who recently took the step of building a dedicated office adjacent to their house to accommodate the expanding business and designing it to have as small a carbon footprint as possible.
The office is naturally lit using large areas of triple glazing and Sunpipes but heating was rather more of an issue and various options were considered and rejected.

  • Customer: Native Chartered Architects
  • Location: York
  • Heating System: Bio-Mass Pellet Burning Boiler
  • Installed: 12/07

Photovoltaics, oil, and heatpump forms of heating were too costly and contained too much embodied energy or required expensive and ‘dirty’ energy to provide a primary energy source.

Ultimately a Gilles 30kW Bio-mass pellet boiler was chosen, to run not only the new extension to the practice, but their home as well. This allows a projected annual Carbon saving of between 6 and 7 tonnes.

In addition to this Carbon Neutral form of heating Native became aware that Vortex could help run the bio-mass boiler more efficiently and following meetings with their installer, a 28mm Vortex was installed.

The result was that the boiler thermostat settings following commissioning had to be reduced by 10 degrees as the domestic hot water and the central heating water temperature was far too hot.

The underfloor heating to the office has been set to minimum and thermostatic radiator valves on the radiators in the partner’s house have been turned down from 5 to 2. Radiators that previously were lukewarm have now properly heated up for the first time and Native is looking forward to very low heating bills!

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