Envlva wood pellet emissions - Case Study


Courtesy of Lundberg, LLC

Lundberg Provides Geoenergy' E-Tube' WET ESP Systems For Environmental Compliance At Multiple Pellet Mills
A leading North American producer of industrial wood pellets was in need of a cost-effective and reliable solution to reduce their particulate matter and visible emissions from wood dryer systems at their new state-of-the-art pellet mills. Lundberg relocated Geoenergy* E-Tube  Wet ESPs from shuttered wood panelboard facilities and performed refurbishment and upgrades. The res|ults were economical solutions that surpassed the environmental requirements while providing high uptime and reliability.

A leading supplier of industrial wood pellets required air pollution control equipment that would reduce particulate matter and visible emissions from their rotary wood dryer systems at three new greenfield wood pellet mill facilities. The company sought technology that was proven to achieve compliance with strict environmental regulations with low energy consumption and high reliability.

Renewable Energy

Reduce Particulate Matter and Visible Emissions

Gee-energy  E-Tube  Wet ESP


  • Relocated and upgraded Geoenergy  E-Tube Wet ESP systems
  • Achieved compliance with mill environmental permits
  • High uptime and low maintenance costs
  • Reduced overall project costs

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