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E.ON Benelux power station Maasvlakte, Rotterdam - Case Study


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Next Generation Power Production

E.ON’s new Maasvlakte power station also known as MPP3 is built in the harbour of the Dutch metropolis Rotterdam. The modern supercritical hard coal fired unit with a capacity of 1100 MW is expected to have a thermal efficiency of more than 46 percent. The new plant built in the vicinity of the existing Maasvlakte station is designed as cogeneration plant and supplies also thermal energy to the neighbours. Furthermore MPP3 is able to burn biomass to substitute coal. The plant is prepared to separate carbon dioxide for future capturing of this greenhouse gas in depleted oil or gas reservoirs.

Proven technology

PROMECON already supplied systems to the existing units of the Maasvlakte power station like to various other plants operated by E.ON in Europe. For the new MPP3 units PROMECON supplied MECONTROL Air and MECONTROL Coal systems for the boiler and MECONTROL UBC for the fly ash handling. Hitachi Power Europe supplied the wall fired boiler fuelled by five mills, which supply four burners each.

Less emissions, less boiler stress

The PROMECON systems guarantees a balanced coal distribution to the burners and a controlled flow of primary, secondary and tertiary air for an efficient combustion and low emissions. The PROMECON system minimizes load and temperature swings, which leads to less strain for the boiler operated under higher temperatures than conventional boilers are. Due to the correlation based technology the Promecon flow measurement is drift free over the entire lifetime and doesn’t need regular maintenance.

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