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ERigene 200m3 Biogas Storage


Courtesy of Base Structures Ltd

French anaerobic digestion specialists ERigene are a turnkey supplier of complete AD systems, both biogas production and value-added usage. The ERibox system can comprise any number of modular AD units that are delivered to site. They are factory built hook-lift boxes and are connected together to run automatically, with the added peace of mind of remote monitoring. If more capacity is required, for example to accommodate the growth of a farm, then additional containers can be easily linked in when needed.

This user-friendly modular system requires a moderate initial investment and provides economic and sustainable agronomic benefits. Coupled with remote monitoring by the ERigene laboratory network, AD has never been so accessible or user friendly!

To complement their demonstration site in France, sited on a horse farm located north east of Rouen, ERigene specified a 200m3 biogas storage membrane from Base. Sharing the same ethos of simplicity, good design and ease of use, our biogas storage unit is a perfect addition to ERigene’s forward thinking ‘plug in and play’ AD product.

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