EU Energy Council decisions

A European Energy Technology policy, aimed at an accelerated development and wide-scale application of clean, sustainable and efficient energy technologies is an essential element for the achievement of the European Union's ambitious energy and climate goals for 2020, and will contribute to the worldwide transition to a low-carbon economy by 2050. This policy will help to achieve the goals of the Lisbon Strategy by pursuing research, innovation and enhanced competitiveness and will contribute simultaneously to the three pillars of the Community energy policy: security of supply, sustainability and competitiveness.  The European Energy Technology policy should increase synergies at Community level whilst avoiding the duplication of efforts, and should take into account existing cooperation structures in energy technology Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment (RDD&D).

This policy requires increased and sustained funding, for RDD&D on clean, sustainable and efficient energy technologies including 'market pull' measures in areas where the incentives for the private sector are not sufficient to enable an accelerated market uptake of products incorporating clean, sustainable and efficient energy technologies. At the same time, resources should be used in a more targeted way by increasing the focus of RDD&D activities in EU and Member States' programmes.

Europe must pursue advances in a broad portfolio of energy technology fields and simultaneously allow Member States to pursue RDD&D in line with their own national situation and preferences. Thus, Member States can choose freely the optimal combination of energy technologies and of R&D priorities, in line with their prerogative to decide upon their own energy mix.

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