Europe’s quest for the best of biofuels

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EU leaders are pushing ahead with ambitious biofuel targets and trying to answer critics of the industry by attaching environmental and social safeguards. Years of work remain putting a proper framework into practice. Meanwhile, biodiesel production is ballooning in Europe’s agricultural heartland.

Progress was slow at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Sao Paolo, Brazil, as more than 40 experts from the Task Force on Sustainability, part of the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP), met for a third time to define what differentiates “good” from “bad” biofuels. As a yearlong debate over imposing generous biofuels targets in the European Union was reaching its conclusion in faraway Brussels, officials from 10 countries including major producers such as the US, Brazil and Germany, seven international organisations and the European Commission were meeting last November with a mandate from the G8 to hammer out science-based sustainability criteria.

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