EverLast® Cobra Head smart fixtures outshine HPS and LED

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At one time High Pressure Sodium lights (HPS) were the market’s most cost-effective solution for commercial outdoor lighting. More recently, there was an industry consensus that solid-state LEDs did HPS one better by eliminating the poor, yellowish, light quality while playing an increasingly important role in energy reduction programs. LEDs to the rescue? Not so fast. According to the DOE’s James Broderick, unreliable performance and poor output make many of today’s LED products unworthy of commercial applications.1

Patented EverLast® Induction Technology by Full Spectrum Solutions has solved previous technological setbacks of HPS and LED technology. With virtually maintenance-free 100,000 hour lamp life rating (25+ yrs vs. 5yrs), energy savings up to 70% over HID sources, unmatched lumen maintenance (70% over 10 years), and twist –lock photocell for automatic on/off control, the EverLast® Cobra Head Smart Fixtures are today’s undisputable choice for illuminating freeways, highways, secondary roads, off-street areas and parking structures.

Recognizing the advantages of the EverLast® Cobra Head Smart Fixtures Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) and Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. partnered to retrofit high-pressure sodium (HPS) cobra heads throughout the community of Marina Vista, California. In 2008, EverLast® 100w Cobra Heads were installed along sections of streets within the residential housing complexes. Mike Dowd, SHRA Central Services Supervisor, states 'I am very impressed with the fixtures, with their efficiency, long life, and bright, white light.'

Marina Vista Residents experienced improved quality of light thus enhancing the perception of improved security. We have received many compliments from residents within the community, comments Mr. Dowd. For the city, low maintenance and energy-efficiency means bottom-line savings and increased safety for city workers no longer put at risk from frequent lamp changes or other maintenance issues.

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