Evils for giant power houses

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Giant Electricity Power Houses such as giant thermal power plants or giant nuclear power plants are established  either by governments by collecting tax from the people or by giant private companies by collecting huge money by way of shares of the company. In either cases, money comes from the people.
Giant  Electricity Power Houses give rise to giant factories, centralize production and create Giant Economic Power Houses.They promote huge scale coal mining, displace people, create huge scale pollution, misuse all available resources on the planet and conspire against the people by promoting Giant Economic Power Houses.
Giant Economic Power Houses ally with political parties and create Giant Political Power Houses.
Giant Political Power Houses work for Giant Economic Power Houses and restrict or abolish the freedom and liberty of the people and exploit the people by more and more taxes in the name of development and create monopolies for heavily centralized Giant Economic Power Houses which again support to Giant Political Power Houses.
So root cause of every evil is Giant Electricity Power Houses and grid lines joining them.
Common masses do not get any benefit from such Giant Electricity Power Houses or if they get a little just for lights in  homes, it is just a trash and trifle, just as I get benefit of removing cold if my house is burning. Please remember the fact that half of India has no electricity connection in their homes in spite of 180000MW installed capacity of Giant Electricity Houses.
All evils such as exploitation, poverty, starvation, unemployment, hunger,  displacement, terrorism, urbanization, war etc are essentially the consequences of  alliance of Giant Economic Power Houses and Giant Political Power Houses through Giant Electricity Power Houses.
So to remove the root cause of evils, we must find out alternative of Giant Electricity Power Houses.
Steam engine is the biggest revolutionary weapon to abolish TRIO of Giant Electricity Power Houses, Giant Economic power Houses and Giant Political Power Houses, all at a stretch.
Steam engine is the most effective tool to build up local economy and to bring freedom and happiness to people.
Steam engine is appropriate  equipment to abolish all evils such as unemployment, poverty, hunger, inequality etc.
Steam engine can run home scale, farm scale and village scale tiny and small power plants in millions of numbers working on solar or biomass.

 So small steam engines will prove to be the World Scene Changer Machines in this 21st century creating freedom and happiness for common masses.

Entire British empire was built and expanded in the world only by big steam engines.
We can abolish present exploitative economic structure by  small steam engines, by decentralization and localization of all industries.

All local small family scale industries are far more viable than big centralized industries. So all basic need industries such as rice, edible oil, jaggery, sugar, textile, power, cement are technically and economically more viable and sustainable as most of these industries are self sufficient in power also such as tiny rice mill can generate its own power, tiny jaggery plant can generate its own power, tiny oil mill can generate its own power and where ever power is required, solar powered steam engine can be attached to it. So no infrastructure of roads, rails, mega cities, petroleum exploration, coal mining, heavy transportation will be required. No exploitation of whatsoever. Everywhere freedom and happiness.

Seems impossible? Seems Utopian thinking?

Then please be serious. I have practically proved in 85 countries that my tiny cooking oil mills are far more viable than big oil mills. More than 1600 tiny oil mills are profitably working in 85 countries and providing pure natural fresh cooking oil to people. What is true for cooking oil is true for other basic need items.
So please discard from your mind that bigger is more viable. Small is always beautiful, more viable and blessing to humanity. So please accept small, encourage small and discard big big bogus things and be happy.

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