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Experimental investigation of bio-diesel droplet ignition

In this work, the ignition delay of bio-diesel and its blends with diesel at one atmosphere pressure and at 900°C temperature has been studied. The results are compared to those for diesel oil. Specifically, the suspended fuel droplet was inserted into a hot furnace containing atmospheric air at temperatures, which varied from 600–900°C. The fuel droplet was suspended on the fine wire of diameter 450 micron and inserted in the hot combustion chamber at atmospheric condition. The ignition of the droplet was recorded photographically and the ignition time was determined. The results are plotted on the ignition delay (ln t)-1/Temperature, K−1 coordinates to obtain the value of activation energy EA. It has been found that the value of apparent activation energy EA is 33158.72 J for bio-diesel and 39178.0622 J for diesel. The quantity of diesel increases the activation energy values from 33760.65 J (10% diesel) to 38576.09 J (90% diesel) in blends of diesel and bio-diesel. [Received: April 23, 2008; Accepted: June 25, 2008]

Keywords: droplet ignition, biodiesel fuel droplets, activation energy, combustion chamber, ignition delay

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