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Exploring the adoption of alternative energy technologies: a literature review


This paper attempts to grasp the direction in current and previous published articles in alternative energy adoption literature with a concentration on methods, perspectives, approaches and technologies that have been subject to research. Findings imply that alternative energy technology adoption literature has diversified into various research perspectives which are named in our study as: drivers and barriers to alternative energy technology deployment, technology and cost assessment, assessment of factors affecting adoption decisions, forecasting adoption trends, modelling and policy making. With respect to each research perspective existence of diverse research approaches, aiming to address various adoption issues that can be grouped under economical, technical, environmental, social and political aspects, has also been observed. Relationships between different research perspectives and approaches have been defined to clearly draw research trends in the alternative technology adoption literature. Further research opportunities as well as improvement suggestions on the existing line of research have been proposed.

Keywords: alternative energy technologies, technology adoption, literature review, research trends

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