Factors Influencing Solar Lighting Design

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Design is all about aesthetics and what the consumer will find attractive. It is about reaching a middle ground on being functional and being good to look at. There are other factors that influence the designing of lights, and especially solar lighting.

Ease of use

The design for solar lighting has to make using the lights easy. Since it is not a mainstream source of lighting it should have an advantage over regular lights since the lights have to be a regular part of everyday life.

Picture it portrays

Solar lighting is all about conservation of energy and the environment. It is about efficiency and optimum use of all the available resources. The lighting design should portray the ‘green’ image and carry it well.

If it looks like a gadget that consumes a lot of energy chances are that there will be much less enthusiasm about it. It should also ideally have a life of its own and not borrow too much from traditional lighting designs.


If an item is not interesting or appealing to look at it may not be an attractive buy either. The design has to be done in such a way that it captures the attention of a large number of people putting in mind that not everyone will like it since people have different tastes.

Does it blend in well?

Having a fixture that sticks out like a sore thumb may prove a little problematic. Most people prefer that the lights fit into the environment. They can stand out but not cause an outright stir while they are at it. Colors like black and grey work well for this and lamps with metallic casings also fit in well.

The light should ideally fit into the whole environment while still maintaining their presence since after all they are beautiful to look at.

Spread of light

The shape of a lamp will determine how light is released from it. This means that it may look good and presentable but the light comes off as haphazard. Uniform spread of light without too much leakage will produce a more concentrated beam that illuminates an area better.

All these factors contribute greatly to making a design choice for solar lighting. You may have your own preferences but these are usually very important since most of them influence the effectiveness and efficiency of the light.

Even if the lighting design does not attract some people the core aim of the light should attract them. All the advantages it has over regular lighting should be able to compete favorably and earn it a good amount of points from consumers.

Designing solar lighting is not an easy task as it has to meet the needs and demands of an ever-changing market. The designs have to be versatile as well to keep the consumers interested and attract more. There may be many twists and turns to it that may at first seem fickle but they influence how well they will be received. As a consumer you should choose the design that gives you the most benefits.

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