Fairhaven Solar Installation Case Study


Courtesy of Patriot Solar Group

Project Overview

  • Dynamic and Patriot have been working together since 2012 on number of ground mount projects, both post driven and ballasted. Fairhaven Landfill emerged onto the radar in October 2012, with a year-end deadline rapidly approaching.
  • During that same time period, Patriot’s installation crew was deployed in central Massachussets, halfway through completion of a 3.4MW ground mount array. Project managers, on both sides, worked together to quickly coordinate material delivery and laborers for racking installation.
  • Inclement weather was also an obstacle because of high winds and torrential rain associated with Hurricane Sandy.

Project Objectives

  • Deliver entire racking system inclusive of ballast blocks in the less than 4 weeks.
  • Install entire racking system in 2 weeks with a 5 man crew.
  • Minimize impact on landfill cap during wet soil conditions.
  • Engineer racking system to follow land contours up to a 10° slope and meet all building codes.

Project Results

  • Ballast racking material was delivered in 3 weeks from Purchase Order because of large inventory in stock and concrete forms already deployed in Massachusetts.
  • Racking installation was completed in 2 weeks, allowing sufficient time for electricians to assemble modules.
  • Ballast design and racking system met all design criteria including a 110 MPH wind load PSF weight requirement.

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