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Farm in Yorkshire Wolds, near Hull


Courtesy of Gaia-Wind Ltd.

A 260 acre family-run arable farm in England. Prolonged spells of wind make this site an ideal location for a wind turbine.

Project cost: £50,000 - Best monthly production: 3164 kWh - Estimated payback time: 6-7 years

Mount Airy Farm is aptly named: the 260 acre family-run, arable farm on the Yorkshire Wolds near Hull enjoys prolonged spells of wind that makes it an ideal location for a wind turbine.

In 2008, the owners decided to explore the farm’s potential for generating clean energy from wind to cut their energy bills, and potentially, sell back to the National Grid.

After short listing partners, they chose Gaia-Wind reseller, Myriad CEG, to deliver the project.

The attractions of the turbine were its production capacity, its low noise ouput, and that it could be seamlessly connected to the electricity grid.

Project Management
The owners took advantage of the in-depth planning experience of Myriad CEG and their advice on where to site it sensitively within the landscape. On Myriad’s advice the family briefed the Parish Council, canvassed East Riding and Yorkshire Borough Councillors and spoke at the Planning Committee Meeting. The net result was that the proposal was unanimously approved by the Councillors.

The project went ahead in May 2009 leading to the turbine’s full commissioning in August 2009.

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