Flooring manufacturer chooses catalytic products to reduce energy usage


Courtesy of Catalytic Products International (CPI)

HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM A leading floor covering manufacturer contracted Catalytic Products International, Inc. to design and install a heat recovery system that uses waste heat from their Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. The system had to be very efficient since the energy available in the RTO exhaust was fairly low temperature. The other challenge was to design a useable system that returned heat to a unique oven. The oven did not have traditional heating zones, and thus special design considerations had to be employed that could take advantage of the heat while not effecting the drying of the product.

Catalytic Products International, Inc. designed a workable solution that offered a payback in approximately 18 months and worked automatically with the oven such that no operator interface was required. The system was installed by CPI over a weekend and was fully operation and ready for use on Monday morning.

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