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Fluorescent lighting case study


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Installed Measures:
T5 OSRAM Fluorescent Lighting Refurbishment, New diffusers, New T5 vapour proof fittings, CP Electronics microwave absence & daylight detection, new switching arrangements.

The Alun and Maes Garmon Schools combined is the largest school in Wales. They had a yearly issue with electricity consumption in that when the darker evenings came in and the colder weather began the load demand on all three phases was too much and regularly blew all three phases. The only option they had was to increase the power into the building or reduce the consumption from within the building. A new substation was considered costing circa £250,000 with no payback as there was no energy reduction. Elite Energy proposed a change inside the building giving greatly reduced energy consumption along with vastly improved light levels with a payback of just 2.5 years.

The contract lasted 4 months in total and was completed in March 2010. It was completed in a live school environment creating the need to have well planned, organised and realistic method statement. With the assistance of the school Burser and Caretaker we were able to schedule classroom closures every hour a week in advance allowing our teams to refurbish the exiting T8 and T12 lights to T5 HF lights, install new prismatic diffusers on each luminaire, install the sensors in all classrooms and corridors and install the new T5 luminaires in selected corridors. Some areas required mobile towers and lifts such as theatre halls and high ceiling level classrooms.

As part of our standard contract we offered our one year call back guarantee and OSRAM’s 20,000 hour fluorescent tube and 50,000 hour HF ballast guarantee. To date there has been no failures.

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