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Food cooler unit at grocery store


Courtesy of Power Knot LLC

Namdhari’s Fresh Foods, with its headquarters in Bangalore is a progressive supplier of quality food products in India. Fresh food is kept cool and this cooling is critical to the preservation of quality. With a view to reducing energy, while at the same time having reliable cooling, Namdhari asked Protronix Energy Private Ltd. to monitor and treat an open frame food cooler at one of its stores.

Protronix is a master distributor for Power Knot in India and supplies the Power Knot Synthetic Refrigerant Additive (SRA) to companies wishing to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

Protronix monitored the system with a data logger for eight weeks. Initially, the analysis of the data by Protronix indicated the system needed repairs and adjustments. After these changes were made, the system was more efficient by 37%. Subsequent treatment with the SRA (now on a properly working unit) further increased the energy efficiency by over 18%.

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