Forces attracted to fuel savings

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Courtesy of Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Limited

Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Limited have recently completed a contract to install their very powerful magnetic fuel conditioning units to all structural gas and oil burning equipment across five MOD bases in England. This was after research concluded that Magnatech was the most cost effective provider of this type of application.
The MOD have used this technology previously, when a number of bases where equipped with similar units, they calculated payback within the year, and now it is reported that those units are continuing to save much more than their purchase price every year with no maintenance or running costs. This figure is of course rising as fuel prices soar.

Magnatech were able to install the units on all types of gas or oil burners from a single domestic to a large CHP unit or main boiler room.

The units Magnatech have developed are thought to be the most powerful of their type available in the world, for this sort of application. They are simply fixed to the outside of the gas train or oil line, in a particular pattern. The boiler remains in full operation during the process. No Pipes are cut nor is there a costly tie in to any other third party for assessment of savings, it is totally up to the client to decide if they are satisfied with the results.

Clients regularly report a reduction in fuel consumption in excess of 5% with most nearing 10%. There is no maintenance and it is calculated that the magnets will lose just 1% of their power in 100 years. Other companies charge a rising annual fee for maintenance of similar products, there are no on-costs with the Magnatech units, it is simply a fit and forget technology. Magnatech guarantee the client will be satisfied with the savings, if not there is a full refund available.

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