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Fre-energy 250m3 DIY Installed Biogas Storage


Courtesy of Base Structures Ltd

Following the installation in 2011 of our 250m3 biogas holder at Much Fawley Farm near Hereford, Fre-energy decided to purchase a second Base Biogas Holder for use with their own Anaerobic Digester located at Lodge Farm near Wrexham, which just happens to be the largest organic farm in Wales.

Their unique AD tank design incorporates a clever mechanism for in-process de-gritting which greatly reduces down time, resulting in better than average levels of system efficiency. Foam alleviation, gas agitation, a plug & play control system and remote monitoring are all benefits being developed here in a 24/7 full-scale real life operation.

The on-farm engineering workshop benefits from a small proportion of the 160kW of electricity produced with the majority being sold back into the national grid. A further 200kW of heat produced on site ensures the workshop, farm buildings and offices are always comfortable and remarkably cost effective.

As previously Fre-energy had very specific requirements regarding the design of their Base Biogas Holder and as always our in-house design team were only too happy to oblige. For this installation we incorporated oversize gas delivery pipes with a system of gate valves allowing for the full isolation of the gas holder, a Perspex viewing window and additional air pressure relief was also on their shopping list.

Being hands-on kind of guys, Fre Energy decided to test our claims of easy Do-It-Yourself installation - as you can see they were very successful at that too!

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