Frito-Lay, Arizona Service Center Phoenix, Arizona


Courtesy of Kyocera Solar, Inc.

“Frito-Lay's use of PV power systems on their facilities demonstrates solar power is a viable means to meet the energy resources needed to run a large-scale business while addressing environmental issues.” Sean Seitz, American Solar Electric, Inc.

Unique Feature: Real-time monitoring on the internet with SMA Web Box.
Unique Fact: The Largest Private Sector Photovoltaic System in Arizona.

Date Completed: October 2007
Designer/Installer/Contractor: American Solar Electric, Inc.

System Specifications
  • System Size: 201.6kW (DC)
  • Estimated Yearly Power Production: 35,000 kWh (+/- 10%)
  • System Configuration
    • Utility Interaction: Grid Connected
    • Solar Modules: 1,008 Kyocera KC200GT
    • Inverters: 4 SMA-America Sunny Tower, ST7000U inverters (42 kW-AC)
  • Mount Structure: Pro-Solar rail, customized for the facility’s rooftop installation.

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