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From the biogas to vehicle fuel

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The biogas consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide. Other components can be water and sulphur, mainly
hydrogen sulphide. To be able to use the biogas as vehicle fuel or to distribute it in natural gas grids the gas has to be
cleaned and upgraded. The biogas is upgraded by removing carbon dioxide to raise the calorific value and create a gas
with constant quality. One of the techniques to remove CO2 from biogas is the absorption with chemical reaction, for
example with alkanolamines.

In the present work, the CO2 absorption in a packed column was investigated. The absorption features under different
operating conditions (pressure, column height and flow rate) were studied with pall ring packing. The absorbent used in
this study was 20 % wt MEA. The result shows that the biogas flow rate and its pressure have influence on overall mass
transfer coefficient KOGa, as well as, in the yield of removal.

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